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Suparinpei (壱百零八) Kata

Suparinpei (壱百零八) is one of the original Kata from Ryu Ru Ko Sensei while he was in Fuzchou in the Fukien Province of Southern China and was handed down to Kanryo Higaonna Sensei. Visually it is similar to the Chinese White Crane Kata and the Kempo Kata of the Dragon! Its Okinawan counterpart is Pechurin.

Superinpei is the number 108 in Chinese and the Kata itself is sometimes called or translated as; 1. 108 Hands 2. The final 108 hands 3. 108 Techniques.

And has special significance in Buddhism.

Superinpei is Naha-te’s longest Kata containing more applications and techniques than any other Naha-te Kata and uses classic breathing however silent [Ibuki]. Yes still can executed with perfect form and end in Zanshin. Many of the techniques in this Kata can also be found in earlier Naha-te Kata (Seisan and Sanseiru, etc…). Master Hirokazu Kanazawa of Shotokan Karate International, add this kata to his association and called it Hyaku hachi ho (Japanese translation of Suparinpei).

Suparinpei - Sensei Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan, Kyoshi