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World Shitoryu

Award from Shitokai Chile

In gratitude and recognition toKyoshi Allen TanzadehFor his professionalism, affection and dedication in the path of Karate Do during his tour of Chile.Osorno, October 2023 En agradecimiento y reconocimiento aKyoshi Allen TanzadehPor su profesionalismo, cariño y entrega en el camino … Continue reading

World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation, Vice Chairman

Many congratulations on your WSKF new appointment as Vice Chairman (副理事長). We appreciate all the passion and dedication you’ve shared with the world of Shitoryu Karatedo through the years. Best wishes to you in your new position. OSS!

Technical Seminars, Portugal 2023

Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo Portugal presentsShitoryu Karate Technical Seminars Conducted by Master Shoko Sato, 8th Dan, Hanshi&Sensei A.Tanzadeh, 8th San, KyoshiHosted and Assisted by Sensei Carlos Pereira of Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo PortugalNovember 10~13, 2023

Karate Seminars, Belgium

Shitokai Belgium presentsTechnical SeminarsConducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiPresented and hosted by Belgium ShitokaiMay 20th & 21st, 2023

International Shitoryu Karate Seminars Belgium 2022

International Shitoryu Karate Seminars with Kaicho G. Iwata, 8th Dan, Hanshi, S. Sato, 8th Dan, Hanshi and A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi. Belgium December 2022

International Karate Seminars – Portugal

International Shitoryu Karatedo Technical Seminar – 2022 PORTUGALNovember 11, 12 and 13 Organized by:MSK Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo Portugal&KCMS Karate Clube Margem Sul Conducted by:SHOKO SATO, 8th Dan, Hanshi,•President of Pan-American Shitoryu Karate-Do Federation•Vice President of World Shitoryu Karate-Do Federation&A. TANZADEH, … Continue reading

Unsoku (footwork fundamental)

MABUNI SHITORYU KARATEDO PORTUGAL Presents Technical SeminarsUnsoku (footwork fundamentals) Applied Ashi Sabaki in defense and offenseExclusively for the instructors of MSK of Portugal August 29th, 2021 Conducted by A.Tanzadeh 8th Dan, Kyoshi

Technical Seminars, Belarus

Technical SeminarsAdvanced tournaments Katas (Part 2)Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiPresented by Belarus Adamant ClubJuly 25th, 2021Exclusively for the Adamant Club members (Belarus)

Yo Ryu Bi

Everything should be practical with flowing and also being utilized with an elegance. When it comes to training any Kata practical applications as a tool of spontaneous and natural practicing in a prearranged sequences of attacks and defenses meant to … Continue reading

Bassai Dai & Seisan Seminar

Domincan Repbulic Shitokai presents; Technical Seminars of Itosu Bassai Dai and Higaonna ha Seisanconducted by A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiSunday March 7th, 2021Exclusively for Shitokai Dominicana members.

Henka no koto

Variations. A – Instead of launching a direct attack, you have to surprise your opponent by varying your attack and movement. B – Be prepared for any variations and possibilities of different movements and attacks may come from your opponent. … Continue reading

Sonoba Kihon – Seipai Kata

Online Technical Seminar presented by Belgium Shitokai Contacted by A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi April 4th, 2021 Kihon: Sonoba Kihon & Ido Kihon Kata: Seipai Exclusively for Belgium Shitokai Instructors

All Japan Shitokai Examinations Result

All Japan Karatedo Federation “Shitokai”, High rank examination in 2018 30th All Japan Karatedo Federation Shitokai high ranking (6,7,8 Dan and Shogo) Examination results. November 3rd, 2018. Kobe, Japan

Naihanchi 1, 2, 3

Technical Seminars Kata Naihanchi Shodan, Nidan and Sandan Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi Presented by Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo Portugal March 28th, 2021 Exclusively for the instructors of MSK

Shoshin Shogai 初心生涯

“Shoshin Shogai” quoted by Master Manzo Iwata, means maintaining the purity of heart throughout life. This also can be expressed as “to learn Karate, first show your mind and heart to be honest and pure, clean and gentle and be … Continue reading

World Shitoryu Festival

The 9th World Shitoryu Karatedo Championships and International Shitoryu Festival, March 2019, Tokyo, Japan World Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminars on Chatan Yara Kusanku and Papuren Katas World Shitoryu Karate Federation Congress and Meeting.

World Shitoryu Karate Championshps

3rd Place in Individual Kata at the 1st World Shitoryu Karate Championships. Tokyo Budokan, March 1993.

World Shitoryu Kyoshi title

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Certificate of Kyoshi title, 2017

Online Technical Semianr, Portugal 2020

Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminars,Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, Kyoshi, 8th DanExclusively for the members of Mabuni Shito-Ryu Karate Do PortugalSunday, December 20th, 2020 at 3pm local time.