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Bassai dai

Bassai Dai & Seisan Seminar

Domincan Repbulic Shitokai presents; Technical Seminars of Itosu Bassai Dai and Higaonna ha Seisanconducted by A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiSunday March 7th, 2021Exclusively for Shitokai Dominicana members.

Bunkai of Bassai Dai & Seienchin

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents: Bunkai  of Bassai Dai & Seienchin “Analysis and applications of the movements” Hosted by: Shitoryu Karate Quebec, Shihan Claude Larouche Conducted by: A. Tanzadeh, Renshi 7th Dan February 20th, 2015 7 pm to 9 pm Shitoryu … Continue reading

Bassai Dai (拔 塞 大) Kata

Bassai Dai «To breach a Fortress»  This kata belongs to Shuri-te, from master Anko Itosu school summing up basic techniques with combination of attack and defense in serial movements. Forcefulness, strong spirit and overflowing power are manifested in this … Continue reading