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Naha-te (那覇手)

Naha-te (那覇手Okinawan: Naafa-dii) Nahate originating in the city of Naha in Okinawa, Naha-te is one of the three major systems of Okinawan Karate (Okinawa-te), alongside Shuri-te and Tomari-te. While these systems share common roots, Naha-te distinguishes itself through its emphasis … Continue reading

“Kara” (空)

The concept of “Kara” (空) or emptiness, holds significant philosophical and cultural importance in various contexts, particularly within Japanese Buddhism and traditional arts. Here’s a detailed exploration: Philosophical Significance: Buddhist Perspective: In Buddhist philosophy, “kara” represents the concept of emptiness … Continue reading

Etiquette and Respect (Rei 礼)

REI (礼) One of the most important things in Martial Arts is the Bow as you need to show Respect, especially when you enter the Dojo or when you encounter others before you begin. Always Bow to your Sensei! The … Continue reading

Kaizen 改善

“Kaizen 改善” In the Japanese language the word Kaizen is derived from two Kanji, the first ‘Kai’ 改, meaning ‘change,’ and the second ‘zen’ 善, meaning ‘good. ‘ Hence the literal meaning of the word being ‘change for the better’ … Continue reading

Seminar in Ohio, USA

Karate Technical Seminars,Ohio, USAApril 27th, 28th, 2024 Conducted by: A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi hosted by Druk ShitokaiLocation:856 Lattimer Drive, Columbus, OH, 43227USA

Senshin (先心)

Senshin (先心), can be translated as “compassionate heart” or “mind of compassion.” Also means “purified spirit or enlightened mind”. In the context of martial arts, Senshin represents a mindset that combines strength and skill with a deep sense of compassion and … Continue reading

Fudoshin (不動心)

Fudoshin (不動心), fudoshin can be translated as “immovable mind” or “unshakable heart.” This concept has its roots in martial arts philosophy, particularly in the samurai tradition. Fudoshin is characterized by a mental and emotional state of perseverance, calmness, and resilience, even … Continue reading

Mushin 無心

Mushin (無心), Mushin is often translated as “no-mind or empty mind” or “mind without mind .” Through this stage and mindset, you will learn how to not let thoughts and emotions cloud your judgement or actions. It is a state where … Continue reading

Oyadomari no Passai Kata Work Shop

Oyadomari no Passai Kata Work Shop.Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi. July 19th, 20237:15pm to 9:15pm hosted by Prodigy Martial Arts, Sensei Ryan Shields Location: 6991 Millcreek Drive, Unit#1Mississauga, Ontario Contact info: 905.542.3999

Seminars in France

Shitoryu Karatedo Technical SeminarsConducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshiassisted by Shihan C. Larouche, 7th Dan For more information, please contact Sensei Stoltz sylvain

Technical Seminars in Venezuela

Karate seminars in Margarita Island, Venezuela, were conducted by Hanshi Shoko Sato and Tanzadeh Kyoshi.

Shitokai Virtual Seminar

Virtual Seminar. Exclusively for the members of Shitokai Dominican Republic. Sunday November 5th, 2023. Hosted and assisted by Sensei Maria Dimitrova

Nova Scotia Shitoryu Karate

Shitoryu Karate Canada & Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia presentsTechnical SeminarNovember 25th , 2023 Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi Hosted by Nova Scotia Shitoryu Karate.

Kitchener Seminar

Shitoryu Karate Canada & Karate Olympic Centre present Technical Workshop & Belt EvaluationWednesday December 20th at 7pm location: Karate Olympic Centre1264 Victoria Street NorthKitchener, ON N2B 3C9 For more information, please contact:Email: info@karateolympiccentre.comPhone: 248.889.3456

Brantford Seminar

Technical SeminarBrantford, OntarioMarch 16th, 2024Hosted & Organized byD&D United Martial Arts, Sensei Bryon DavisConducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi for more information, please contact: 519.754.5425

Dominican Republic Seminar

Dominican Republic of Shitoryu Karatedo presents; Shitokai Seminars conducted by A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi March 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 2024. more information coming soon, please stay tuned.

Shoshin (初心)

Shoshin (初心) The first kanji character, 初, is begin. The second kanji, 心, means heart (mind). When two characters are combined, it is literally translated as “beginner’s heart” or generally translated as “beginner’s mind.” This refers to the kind of attitude … Continue reading

Zanshin (残心)

Zanshin (残心) First kanji 残 means remain or attach. Second kanji 心 means heart or mind. When two characters are combined, it is generally translated as “lingering mind.” Zanshin refers to a mental and physical state of attentiveness, awareness, and … Continue reading

Shin Gi Tai 心技体

Shingitai 心技体

心 = SHIN heart, mind, mindset, spirit技 = GI skill, art, craft, ability, technique体 = TAI body, physical, substance, object SHINGITAI = is a principle that defines the complete Karateka. It describes a delicate balance between Mind, Technique and Body. … Continue reading