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Shitoryu Karate Canada, 10 Years Anniversary

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents Shitoryu Karate Canada 10 Years Anniversary CelebrationKihon, Kata, Kumite & Bunkai WorkshopsDinner PartyAwards PresentationsOctober 12th, 2019Gatineau, Quebec

Karate Technical Seminars in Cayman Islands, George Town

Karate Technical Seminars in Cayman Islands, George Town November 21-23, 2019, hosted by Cayman Associated School of Karate, Shihan Greg ReidConducted by Master A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi


KARATE SEMINARS GEORGIAJANUARY 31 — FEBRUARY 1st 2020 in Georgia, Tbilisi/Bolnisi Hosted by Georgia Shitokai Karatedo Federation Conducted by A.TANZADEH, 8th Dan Kyoshi

Shitoryu Karate Technical Workshop, August 16, 2019

‘Shitoryu Karate Technical Workshop’Friday August 16th, 2019. Conducted by Sensei TanzadehHosted by Sensei Surendra Lal Shrestha of Everest Shitoryu Karate Do.

Shitoryu Seminar in Cuba – 2019

Association of Shitoryu Karatedo Cuba presents: Technical Seminars in Havana, Cuba, August 23rd to 25th, 2019.Conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh, Kyoshi 8th DanHosted by president of association of Shitoryu Karatedo Cuba Sensei Gregorio Eduardo Valdés Arce, 7º Dan. Contact information: … Continue reading

World Shitoryu Karate Championships in Japan

All Japan Karatedo Federation Shitokai Official Newsletter, complete report on the 9th International Shitoryu Championships “Shito-Sai” , World Shitoryu Festival in Tokyo, Japan – March 2019.

Seisan-dachi (Seisen Stance)

A version of sanchin used in Matsumura ha Seisan. This stance is longer than Sanchin-dachi, (one foot longer) but retains the same tension and inward rotation of the knees. It is the basis of the kata Matsumura ha Seisan. Seisan-dachi … Continue reading

Heiko-Sanchin Dachi 平行三戦立ち

(Paralleled-Hourglass Stance)From Heiko Dachi stance with the width of one foot, step one length of a foot forward and make the front foot in 30 degree angle inward while the back foot is in straight line. Basically both length and … Continue reading

Katahiza-Dachi 片膝立ち

(One-Knee Stance or ‘Half Kneeling‘) The width and length of this stance is almost like Moto Dachi. In some positions in different katas, back leg knee may touch the floor also back leg and knee may get closer to the … Continue reading

Training Sanchin combined with Kaatsu method.

Kaatsu (加圧, often styled as KAATSU) is a patented exercise method developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato that is based on blood flow moderation exercise (or vascular occlusion moderation training) involving compression of the vasculature proximal to the exercising muscles by … Continue reading

Technical Seminars with Master Genzo Iwata, Master Shoko Sato and Master Tanzadeh – Belgium 2019

Genzo Iwata-Tanzadeh-Shoko Sato-Karate Seminar-Austria

Belgium Shitokai presents Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminars conducted by:Master Genzo Iwata, 8th Dan, Hanshi, the president of the World Shitoryu Karate Federation and All Japan Karate Federation Shitokai and Master Shoko Sato, 8th Dan, Kyoshi, the president of Pan-American Shitoryu … Continue reading

Technical Seminars with Master Shoko Sato in Austria – 2019

Tanzadeh-Shoko Sato-Karate Seminar-Austria

Austria Shitoryu Karatedo Shitokai presents The 6th Internaltional Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminars Conducted by Master Shoko Sato, 8th Dan, Kyosh and Master Allen Tanzadeh, 8th Dan Kyoshi18 to 20 of October 2019 in Austria, Gans (Jufa Sportshalle)

Technical Seminar with Master Shoko Sato in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Tanzadeh-Shoko Sato-Karate Seminar-Atlanta

Pugarita Karatedo presents; Technical Seminars conducted by Master Shoko Sato, 8th Dan Kyoshi and Master Allen Tanzadeh, 8th Dan Kyoshi hosted by Albornoz Karate School2585 Cruze Road North WestLawrenceville, GA, USA30044

Technical Seminars in London Ontario, May 2019

Sensei Tanzadeh-Seminar-in-London-Ontario

Shitoryu Karate London & Dojo Seienchin presents; Technical Seminars conducted by Kyoshi TanzadehHosted by Sensei Veronica LugoLondon Ontario, May 11th, 2019.

Shitoryu Karate Shinzui “essentilas and Core of Shitoryu Karatedo

Master Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi karate seminars in Quebec - May 2019

Shitoryu Karate Canada Presents: Shitoryu Karatedo Shinzui “Essentials and Core of Shitoryu Karatedo“Saturday, May 18th, 2019Conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiHosted by Shihan Claude Larouche, Technical Director of Shitoryu Karate Quebec and Co-Founder of Shitoryu Karate Canada.