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Technical Seminar in Dominican Republic, April, 2019

Karate Seminar with Kyoshi Tanzadeh - Dominican Republic

Shitoryu Karate Seminars in Dominican Republic. April 6th, 2019 in Santa Domingo. Conducted by: Master Allen Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiHosted by Asociacion Dominicana de Karatedo, Shitokai.

Karate ‘Dojo Kun’

Shitoryu Karate Canada-DojoKun

Everyone who trains in Shitoryu karate Canada must know the dojo kun. At the end of each training session—whether it be at the dojo, after class, or after a technical Seminar. The dojo kun is repeated all together by the … Continue reading

The True Meaning of Karate

Sensei Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan Kyoshi

“The true meaning of Karate is respect, humility and a lifetime journey to the perfection of character”

Soe Ashi-Dachi 添え足


Soe Ashi-Dachi 添え足立ち (Supported Leg Stance) Both feet are parallel together and back foot is on the toes. Back leg is supporting front leg by touching inner thigh. This stance appears in Papuren Kata.

Technical Seminars in Windsor, Nova Scotia – June 2019


Shitoryu Karate Canada and Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia presents Technical Seminars and Dan ExaminationJune 8th, 9th, 2019, Windsor, Nova ScotiaConducted by: A. Tanzadeh, Kyoshi 8th Dan hosted by: Shihan David Griffin technical director of Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia. Location: 4404 … Continue reading