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Karate ‘Dojo Kun’

Everyone who trains in Shitoryu karate Canada must know the dojo kun. At the end of each training session—whether it be at the dojo, after class, or after a technical Seminar. The dojo kun is repeated all together by the students. The dojo kun states the basic philosophy of karate, the dojo kun should not only be considered a set of rules of conduct in the dojo, but a guide to everyday life. Everything we learn in the dojo, we should apply to everyday life.

Seek Perfection of Character / De poursuivre le perfectionnement du caractère
Hitotsu: Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto

Be faithful and sincere / De défendre le chemin de la vérité
Hitotsu: Makoto no michi o mamoru koto

Strive for a vigorous spirit / De produire un effort déterminé
Hitotsu: Ikiwo sakanni subeki koto

Respect others / D’honorer les principes de la courtoisie
Hitotsu : Reigi o omonzuru koto

Live with a positive and healthy attitude / De vivre avec une attitude saine et positive
Hitotsu: Maemuki katsu kenzen na taido de ikiru koto

Refrain from violent behaviour / De protéger contre les impulsivités Hitotsu: Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto