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Karate Kihon

Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques (1)

Block & Punch Combination ( Chudan Yoko Uke, Chudan Gyaku Zuki “Middle Reverse Punch” ) Stand on Left Zenkutsu Dachi, Block with your left arm “Chudan Yoko Uke” then do Chudan Gyaku Zuki “Middle Riverse Punch” with your right hand. … Continue reading

Keitai no Hoji

Keitai no Hoji = Using each technique in its proper place

Mawashi Geri “Roundhouse Kick”

Certainly the mawashi geri (round kick or round-house kick)  is a difficult kick and many karate-ka do it rather poorly. You can perform and practice Mawashi Geri from any stance. Bring the knee of the kicking leg up to side … Continue reading

Shitoryu Kihon – Chudan Shuto Uke

Chudan Shuto Uke = Middle Knife Hand Block, proper body, arms, hands and thumb positioning. From the book “Dynamic Shitoryu Karate” by A. Tanzadeh

Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques

Shitoryu Karate Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques Do left Chudan Shuto Uke on left Neko Ashi Dachi then kick with your front leg “left Chudan Mae Geri” then land your kicking leg forward on Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi, do right … Continue reading