Official Webpage of A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi 糸東会

Japan Shitokai

World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation, Vice Chairman

Many congratulations on your WSKF new appointment as Vice Chairman (副理事長). We appreciate all the passion and dedication you’ve shared with the world of Shitoryu Karatedo through the years. Best wishes to you in your new position. OSS!

Shoshin Shogai 初心生涯

“Shoshin Shogai” quoted by Master Manzo Iwata, means maintaining the purity of heart throughout life. This also can be expressed as “to learn Karate, first show your mind and heart to be honest and pure, clean and gentle and be … Continue reading

All Saitama-Ken Shitokai Championshps, Japan

2nd Place in individual Kata at the 2nd All Saitamaken Shitokai Championships. Japan 1992.

World Shitoryu Kyoshi title

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Certificate of Kyoshi title, 2017

World Shitoryu Affiliation

World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF) Affiliation Certificate for Shitoryu Karate Canada (SKC) leading and Directing by Sensei Tanzadeh

World Shitoryu Kata Seminar, Tokyo 2019

World Shitoryu Karate Federation, Kata and Technical Seminars at Tokyo Budokan, March 2019

World Shitoryu Appreciation Letter

A letter of appreciation from the World Shitoryu Karate Federation signed and authorized by Soke Kenei Mabuni and Kaicho Ken Sakio. Tokyo 2000

World Shitoryu Kata Bronze Medalist

3rd Place in Individual Kata at the 1st World Shitoryu Karate Championships, Tokyo, Japan 1993. Signed and authorized by Kaicho Ken Sakio

World Shitoryu Kata Seminar, Tokyo 2000

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Kata and Technical Seminar. Tokyo, Japan 2000

World Shitoryu Kata Semianr

World Shitoryu Karate Fedration (WSKF), Certificate of Kata Seminar, September 2013, Tokyo, Japan

the 3rd World Shitoryu Karate Championships

Participation at the 3rd World shitoryu Karate Championships. Tokyo 2000

World Shitoryu Renshi title

World Shitoryu Karate Federation, Certificate of Renshi title. 2007

World Shitoryu Shihan rank

World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF), Certificate of Shihan rank. 2004

World Shitoryu Technical Seminar, Tokyo 1993

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Technical Seminar at the 1st World Shitoryu Karate Championships, Tokyo Japan 1993

WSKF Referee A

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Referee A. Tokyo 2000

All Japan Shitokai Jokyo

Certificate of instructor “Shidosha”, Jokyo level of All Japan Karate Federation Shitokai. Authorized and signed by Kaicho Manzo Iwata. 1992.