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“Tanzadeh” Agility Test タンザデ「運足」敏捷性測定テスト Footwork Combination Agility Drills & Test

“Speed & Agility Testing for Karate Kumite Athletes” 空手における組手選手のための速さ&敏捷性測定テスト Experiencing a new concept in Sport Karate スポーツ空手の新しい概念を経験 Designed & Developed By A. Tanzadehアレン ・タンザデ考案 The purpose of designing this Footwork Combination drills is to make a unique way of testing … Continue reading

Karate ‘Dojo Kun’

Shitoryu Karate Canada-DojoKun

Everyone who trains in Shitoryu karate Canada must know the dojo kun. At the end of each training session—whether it be at the dojo, after class, or after a technical Seminar. The dojo kun is repeated all together by the … Continue reading

“Until the very end, one needs action and momentum in order to almost reach perfection”. ~A.Tanzadeh

Kyoshi Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan

Pan-American Shitoryu Karate Festival Press Conference – CBC .ca

Master Tanzadeh on press conference of CBC news in Quebec TV - PanAmerican Karate Festival 2017

The 18th Pan-American Shitoryu Karatedo Festival & 2nd International Open Shitoryu Press Conference on CBC News

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata «To breach a Fortress», version of Master Oyadomari Kokan. Although this kata belongs to Shuri-te system but modified and created by master Oyadomari Kokan of Tomari region and Tomari-te system. It is as though one … Continue reading