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Kata Seminar

World Shitoryu Kata Seminar, Tokyo 2019

World Shitoryu Karate Federation, Kata and Technical Seminars at Tokyo Budokan, March 2019

World Shitoryu Kata Seminar, Tokyo 2000

World Shitoryu Karate Federation Kata and Technical Seminar. Tokyo, Japan 2000

World Shitoryu Kata Semianr

World Shitoryu Karate Fedration (WSKF), Certificate of Kata Seminar, September 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Technical Seminar in Dominican Republic, April, 2019

Karate Seminar with Kyoshi Tanzadeh - Dominican Republic

Shitoryu Karate Seminars in Dominican Republic. April 6th, 2019 in Santa Domingo. Conducted by: Master Allen Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiHosted by Asociacion Dominicana de Karatedo, Shitokai.

Technical Seminars & Official Dan Examination in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2019


Shitoryu Karate Canada presents Technical Seminars & Official Dan Examination Conducted by: Founder and Technical Director of Shitoryu Karate Canada Sensei A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi Hosted by: Shitoryu Karate Manitoba & Bushido-Kai, Sensei Angelo Mendoza March 23rd and 24th, … Continue reading

Karate Technical Seminars in Kosovo

Kosovo Karate Seminar with Sensei Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan, Kyoshi

Karate Technical Seminars in KosovoOpen for all karate styles Conducted by Kyoshi Tanzadeh, 8th Dan 22nd and 23rd of June, 2019 in Kosovo, Ferizaj hosted by Kastrioti Karate Club, Sensei Raif MusaApproved Supported by Kosovo Karate Federation

Shitoryu Karate Workshop


Shitoryu Karate Canada presents Shitoryu Karate WorkshopHosted by Shitoryu Karatedo and Fitness CentreSensei Nasir UddinFebruary 27th 2019 – 6:30pm to 8:30pmLocation:1200 Aerowood Drive, Unit 12AMississauga, Ontario L4W 2S7

Annan Dai Kata Seminar


Bernardo Karate presents Annan Dai Kata Seminar coduncted by Sensei Tanzadeh, 8th Dan Kyoshi Friday February 8th, 20195:30pm to 7:30pmLondon, Ontario at Bernardo Karate Location: Bernardo KarateAddress: 1165 Oxford St. East londonContact: Sensei Michael BernardoPhone: 519-659-2504Email:

Shitoryu Karate Technical Workshop, 2018

Master Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate Workshop in Brampton 2018

‘Shitoryu Karate Technical Workshop’ Friday August 10th, 2018. Conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh Hosted by Sensei Surendra Lal Shrestha of Everest Shitoryu Karate Do.

Kata Technical Seminar – March, 2018

Master Tanzadeh Kata Technical Seminar in TNT School of Martial Arts

Kata Technical Seminar, Fundamental point in Kata that must be considered while practicing, performing and judging. Saturday March 3rd, 2018 Conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh Hosted by Sensei Josh Carrick at TNT School of Martial Arts.