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Shitoryu Karate Magazines

Introducing the New Project of Shitoryu Karate Magazine, a publication dedicated to Shitoryu Karatedo! This magazine has something for everyone. With expert insights, in-depth training guides, and profiles of top karate Senseis and athletes, Shitoryu Karate magazine will help you … Continue reading

Unsoku (footwork fundamental)

MABUNI SHITORYU KARATEDO PORTUGAL Presents Technical SeminarsUnsoku (footwork fundamentals) Applied Ashi Sabaki in defense and offenseExclusively for the instructors of MSK of Portugal August 29th, 2021 Conducted by A.Tanzadeh 8th Dan, Kyoshi

All Japan Shitokai Examinations Result

All Japan Karatedo Federation “Shitokai”, High rank examination in 2018 30th All Japan Karatedo Federation Shitokai high ranking (6,7,8 Dan and Shogo) Examination results. November 3rd, 2018. Kobe, Japan

Naihanchi 1, 2, 3

Technical Seminars Kata Naihanchi Shodan, Nidan and Sandan Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi Presented by Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo Portugal March 28th, 2021 Exclusively for the instructors of MSK

World Shitoryu Festival

The 9th World Shitoryu Karatedo Championships and International Shitoryu Festival, March 2019, Tokyo, Japan World Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminars on Chatan Yara Kusanku and Papuren Katas World Shitoryu Karate Federation Congress and Meeting.

World Shitoryu Karate Testimonial

TestimonialA.TanzadehThank you for your great cooperation and support of “The 5th Shitoryu Karatedo World Championships.”We would like to show our deep appreciation to all your remarkable contributions.September 2006 in Tokyo signed and sealed by the World Shitoryu Karatedo FederationSoke Kenei … Continue reading