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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Shitoryu Karate Canada Shinnenkai 2022

SKC New Year Directors gatheringDate: January 22nd , 2022Time: at 4:00 pm SKC affiliates and Directors,Kindly send an email to: shitoryucanada@gmail.comprior to the session to receive the access information.

Karate Technical Seminars in Cayman Islands, George Town

Technical Seminar and Kata Workshop at Cayman IslandsJanuary 30th, 2022, hosted by Cayman Associated School of Karate, Shihan Greg ReidConducted by A. Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi

Mitsu no sen, “三 つの 先” (three initiatives)

Mitsu no sen, “三 つの 先” (three initiatives) refers to the three ways or timing in which we can disrupt our opponent and create an opening and/or opportunity to strike or attack or respond or react to our opponent’s intentions. … Continue reading

Go no Sen, 後の先 (post-initiative)

After the attack, block/evade and counterattack. The ‘Go’ (後) in ‘Go no sen’ means ‘after’. Quite literally, immediately after you’ve been attacked, let’s say with a punch, or indeed a flurry of punches – which you have effectively blocked/evaded – … Continue reading

Sensen no Sen, (先先の先: Superior initiative)

Seizing the initiative by attacking first. Sensing your opponent’s intention to attack, you take the initiative, immediately launching a pre-emptive strike. “Also called 懸の先 Ken no sen”. This strategy prescribes creating an advantage over your opponent by taking the initiative … Continue reading

Sen no Sen, 先の先 (To anticipate an attack)

To anticipate an attack and to take the initiative. “Sen no Sen” is that you know what your opponent is going to do so you will strike before your opponent moves. Sen means “before”. It is also a shortened form of sen-te (literally … Continue reading