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Kunshi no Ken

Master Mabuni’s motto “Kunshi no Ken” which means to concentrate on cultivating one self to become a well rounded, respectful individual. The person who is able to accomplish this as well as to exercise good manners in all situations with self-discipline and respect, who is able to assume accountability for ones actions, and to keep ones integrity as to set an example for others, is considered a Shito-ryu practitioner. This motto can be follow by all Karate Practitioners.

In Karate do there are two popular sayings having a similar concept; one is from Master Gichin Funakoshi – “Karate ni sente nashi,” and the other one is from Master Kenwa Mabuni – “Kunshi no ken.”

“Kunshi no ken” means “Don’t use Karate to hurt others thoughtlessly. Be a gentleman when you contact with others.“

Master Anko Itosu also said that Karate was “Kunshi no ken”. In his writing, there is a phrase – Don’t use fists and feet without good reason. Don’t use fists and feet for fighting. In other words, “Don’t use the body you trained at great pains to personal worthless fighting.”

Master Kenei Mabuni wrote in his book that “Kunshi no ken” is a person who maintains the safety of society and protects the country.

Master Haraguchi introduced, in one of his “Training Mind” articles, “Kunshi no ken” as a noble-minded person who has well experienced in technique and virtue. According to him, those who learn Karate do have to acquire knowledge and virtue through practicing Karate, to be perfect and become men with noble character, just like “Seek perfection of character” in Doju Kun.