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World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation, Vice Chairman

Many congratulations on your WSKF new appointment as Vice Chairman (副理事長). We appreciate all the passion and dedication you’ve shared with the world of Shitoryu Karatedo through the years. Best wishes to you in your new position. OSS!

Technical Seminars, Portugal 2023

Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo Portugal presentsShitoryu Karate Technical Seminars Conducted by Master Shoko Sato, 8th Dan, Hanshi&Sensei A.Tanzadeh, 8th San, KyoshiHosted and Assisted by Sensei Carlos Pereira of Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo PortugalNovember 10~13, 2023

World & International organizations affiliation

WSKF = World Shitoryu Karate Federation. PKF = PanAmerican Karate Federation. APSKF = Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karate Federation. WKF = World Karate Federation. AUKO = Asian Union Karate Organizations “Former AKF”. WUKO = World Union Karate Organizations “Former WKF”.

World Shitoryu distinguished services award

Receiving prize of distinguished services award from the World Shitoryu Karate Federation. August 2009. Signed and authorized by Soke Kenei Mabuni and Kaicho Hiroshi Murata.

WSKF 8th Dan

World Shitoryu Karate Federation 8th Dan (Hachi Dan). Novermber 2018. Authorized and signed by Soke Kenyu Mabuni and Kaicho Genzo Iwata

World Shitoryu 7th Dan

World Shitoryu Karate Federation 8th Dan (Hachi Dan). 2010. Authorized and signed by Soke Kenei Mabuni and Kaicho Hiroshi Murata

WSKF 20th Anniversary

The 7th Shitoryu Karatedo World ChampionshipsJapan, 15-16 September 2013The 20th anniversary of World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation

World Shitoryu Karate Testimonial

TestimonialA.TanzadehThank you for your great cooperation and support of “The 5th Shitoryu Karatedo World Championships.”We would like to show our deep appreciation to all your remarkable contributions.September 2006 in Tokyo signed and sealed by the World Shitoryu Karatedo FederationSoke Kenei … Continue reading

World Shitoryu Karate Championships in Japan

All Japan Karatedo Federation Shitokai Official Newsletter, complete report on the 9th International Shitoryu Championships “Shito-Sai” , World Shitoryu Festival in Tokyo, Japan – March 2019.

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata «To breach a Fortress», version of Master Oyadomari Kokan. Although this kata belongs to Shuri-te system but modified and created by master Oyadomari Kokan of Tomari region and Tomari-te system. It is as though one … Continue reading