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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Sanchin Dachi (Hourglass Stance)

Sanchin-dachi (Hourglass Stance) From Heiko-Dachi stance move one foot forward until the toes of the rear foot are on the same horizontal line as the heel of the front foot and in 30 degrees inward. This powerful stance is used … Continue reading

Once you acquire true wisdom and knowledge in Karatedo…

“Once you acquire true wisdom and knowledge in Karatedo, it now becomes your responsibility to share it”. ~ A.Tanzadeh 空手道において一度真の知恵と知識を習得したからには、それを分かつのは今や君の責任となる A.タンザデ

Shinnenkai 2021

Shitoryu Karate Canada  Shinnenkai 2021 SKC New Year Directors gathering Date: January 24th  , 2021 Time: at 10:00 am SKC affiliates and Directors, Kindly send an email to prior to the session to receive the access information

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year everybody, Wishing you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year. Very soon we can all come together again, like we did before. Until then, please remember that the spirit of karatedo is the … Continue reading

World & International organizations affiliation

WSKF = World Shitoryu Karate Federation. PKF = PanAmerican Karate Federation. APSKF = Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karate Federation. WKF = World Karate Federation. AUKO = Asian Union Karate Organizations “Former AKF”. WUKO = World Union Karate Organizations “Former WKF”.