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kumite seminar

Technical Seminar on Point Sparring and Kumite Drills

Master Tanzadeh Karate Technical Seminar in Point Sparring and Kumite drills in Mississauga 2018

‘Point Sparring’ & ‘Kumite Drills’ & ‘Footwork Principles’ Wednesday August 15th, 2018. Conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh Hosted by Sensei Ryan Shields of Prodigy Martial Arts.

How to Footwork in Kumite

Master Tanzadeh Technical Seminars on footwork or Ashisabaki in Kumite 2018

How to Footwork seminarJuly 14th, 2018Alliston, Ontario. Conducted by Sensei TanzadehHosted by Sensei Josh Carrick, TNT School of Martial Arts.