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Technical Seminars, Windsor – Halifax 2017

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents;Technical SeminarsConducted by Sensei Tanzadeh, Renshi 7th DanHosted by Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia, Shihan David GriffinJune 17th & 18th, 2017 Location:4404 Highway #1, Three Mile Plains  NS, B0N 2T0

Ishimine no Bassai (石嶺の拔塞) Kata

Ishimine no Bassai (石嶺の拔塞) Kata «To breach a Fortress», version of Master Ishimine Peichin. This kata belongs to Shuri-te system, modified and created by master Peichin Ishimine. It is as though one was capturing an enemy castle . Forcefulness, strong … Continue reading

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata

Oyadomari no Bassai (親泊の拔塞) Kata «To breach a Fortress», version of Master Oyadomari Kokan. Although this kata belongs to Shuri-te system but modified and created by master Oyadomari Kokan of Tomari region and Tomari-te system. It is as though one … Continue reading

Seienchin (セイエンチン) Kata

Seienchin セイエンチン (Lull in the storm) This kata belongs to Naha-te system, from master Higaonna school. This is one of the most important kata in shitoryu karate. Tender and slow movements with deep breathing along with quick and strong movements … Continue reading

Chinte (珍手) Kata

Chinte (珍手) (“Rare Hand” or “Strange Hand”) is a kata from Shuri-te system introduced by Master Anko Itosu. It is a very old kata originating from China. Its mixture of standard movements and rarely seen techniques, vestiges of ancient forms, give this kata a … Continue reading

Itosu Wanshu (糸洲汪輯) Kata

Wanshu (糸洲汪輯, also ワンシュー) The way of writing the name of this kata (汪輯) means “Wang’s Series (or Form)” and refers to the name of the diplomat Wang (1621 – 1689). A poet, calligrapher, diplomat, and martial artist in the Shaolin tradition of Fujian White Crane, he … Continue reading

SKC Technical Seminars & Training Camp – Gatineau 2017

Shitoryu Karate Canada & Shitoryu Karate Quebec presents; Technical Seminars & Training Sessions“SKC Athletes Program“, “Preparation Camp for Shitoryu Festival“.Saturday June 3rd, 2017, 10am to 3pm.

Technical Seminar, Winnipeg 2017

Shitoryu Karate Canada Presents Technical Seminars & Dan Examination. November 25th-26th, 2017 – Winnipeg, Manitoba.Conducted by Kyoshi Tanzadeh.Hosted by Shitoryu Karate Manitoba & Bushido-Kai, Sensei Angelo Mendoza.

Kyoshi Tanzadeh Technical Seminar – Halifax-June-2018

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents: Technical Seminars & Official SKC,WSKF Dan ExaminationWinsor, Nova Scotia June 16th, 17th, 2018Conducted by Kyoshi A. TanzadehHosted by Shihan David Griffin Location: 4404 Highway #1, Three Mile Plains NS, B0N 2T0

Shitoryu’s Characteristics

Shitō-ryū is a combination style, which attempts to unite the diverse roots of karate. On one hand, Shitō-ryū has the physical strength and long powerful stances of Shuri-te derived styles, such as Shorin-ryū and Shotokan (松涛館), on the other hand … Continue reading

Tachi Kata (Stances)

Fundamental to the improvement of one’s karate technique is the acquisition of correct and balanced form. Stance, as a term, must be thought of with regard to the lower part of the body. For techniques to be fast and accurate, … Continue reading

Kosa Dachi – 交差立

Kosa-dachi (Crossing stance) From Moto-dachi, bring the back leg forward so that the back knee is tucked in to the back of the front knee, with only the toes and ball of the back foot on the floor. The back … Continue reading