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Fudoshin (不動心)

Fudoshin (不動心), fudoshin can be translated as “immovable mind” or “unshakable heart.” This concept has its roots in martial arts philosophy, particularly in the samurai tradition. Fudoshin is characterized by a mental and emotional state of perseverance, calmness, and resilience, even … Continue reading

Mushin 無心

Mushin (無心), Mushin is often translated as “no-mind or empty mind” or “mind without mind .” Through this stage and mindset, you will learn how to not let thoughts and emotions cloud your judgement or actions. It is a state where … Continue reading

Shoshin (初心)

Shoshin (初心) The first kanji character, 初, is begin. The second kanji, 心, means heart (mind). When two characters are combined, it is literally translated as “beginner’s heart” or generally translated as “beginner’s mind.” This refers to the kind of attitude … Continue reading

Zanshin (残心)

Zanshin (残心) First kanji 残 means remain or attach. Second kanji 心 means heart or mind. When two characters are combined, it is generally translated as “lingering mind.” Zanshin refers to a mental and physical state of attentiveness, awareness, and … Continue reading

4 principles of Budo 武道の4つの原則

武道の4つの原則Budo no 4 gensoku From the Shitoryu Karatedo philosophies by Ryuso Kenwa Mabuni.4 Elements of Martial Arts 1- Ichi Gan: Vision or eye contact (eyes), footwork (legs), mind (spirit), and strength (muscles) are the four essential elements of martial arts. … Continue reading