Official Webpage of A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi 糸東会

Certificates & Awards

Karate Referee A

the 1st World Shitoryu Karate Championships, Tokyo 1993. Referee A. Authorized and signed by Soke Kenei Mabuni and Kaicho Manzo Iwata

Ontario Karate Federation

On behalf of the Ontario Karate Federation, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work and dedication. 2018

WSKF 20th Anniversary

The 7th Shitoryu Karatedo World ChampionshipsJapan, 15-16 September 2013The 20th anniversary of World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation

Shitokai Sri Lanka

Wish you good health and long life Presented to Sensei A.Tanzadeh, Technical AdvisorAsia Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo FederationbyClement De Zoysapresident Shitokai Sri Lanka 7th Shitoryu Karatedo World Championships 2013 Japan

Shitoryu Karate Canada Technical Director

Technical Director Shitoryu Karate CanadaRenshi Allen TanzadehWe Believe Destiny for the Last 7 YearsThank you for your passion, teaching and your devotion in art of Karate We are really proud to be a part of Shitoryu Karate Canada From all … Continue reading

Dominican Republic Karate Seminar

By world and deed, your presence has enriched the technical level of the all Karate Shitokai students in our organization. Thank you Kyoshi Tanzadeh for the magnificent Shitokai Seminar Sensei Tony Riverapresident of Shitokai Dominican Republic Sensei Maria DimitrovaTechnical Director

The 17th Pan-American Shitoryu

The 17th Shitoryu Karate Pan-American ChampionshipsMiami Beach, USA 2015Presented to: Renshi Allen TanzadehThank you for your leadership and dedication to the growth and development of the Pan-American Shitoryu Karate Federation

International Seminar in Belgium

International Shitoryu Karate Semianr with Hanshi Genzo, Iwata 8th Dan assisted by Sensei Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi organized by Shitokai Belgium in 2018

Shitoryu Seminar – Austria

the 5th International Shitoryu Karate Technical Seminar conducted by Sensei Tanzadeh, Gnas, AustriaOctober 2018

Shitoryu Karate International Seminar – Portugal

Shitoryu Karate International Seminar – PortugalHosted by Mabuni Shitoryu Karatedo PortugalConducted by Sensei Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, KyoshiNovember, 2019

Appreciation from Georgia Karate Federation

Appreciation and memorial from Georgia Karate Federation.29/09/2018, Tbilisi, Georgia

World Shitoryu Karate Testimonial

TestimonialA.TanzadehThank you for your great cooperation and support of “The 5th Shitoryu Karatedo World Championships.”We would like to show our deep appreciation to all your remarkable contributions.September 2006 in Tokyo signed and sealed by the World Shitoryu Karatedo FederationSoke Kenei … Continue reading


WSKF Cyprus Shitoryu Karate ‘Shitokai” honoring Sensei Allen Tanzadeh 28/11/2018Representative, Andreas Vasileiou