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Chatan Yara Kushanku (北谷 屋良 ) Kata

kata Kushanku version of master Yara from Chatan village

Master Yara was born in 1760 in Okinawa, in the village of Chatan. In 1772 he traveled together with his uncle in Fuzhou in Fukien province (China), where allegedly he stayed 20 years. There he studied Chinese Chuan Fa, Qi Gong, fighting with sticks. Upon his return to Okinawa he worked as an interpreter.

It is not clear what sort of master Yara actually taught or at what this style kata was based. Recorded only that taught kata Kushanku. In addition kata Kushanku master Yara has left us more Kobudo Kata Chatan Yara no kon, Chatan Yara no Sai and…

Chatan yara Kushanku - Sensei Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan, Kyoshi