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Heian (平安) Kata “Heian Godan”

Heian or “Pin-an”

Way of peace (literally, “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as “Calm Mind”, “Peaceful Mind”).
The Heian kata series was introduced into the Okinawan School District karate program as gym training from 1905 to 1907 by Master Ankoh Itosu.

Sensei Ankoh Itosu originally created the series of Heian katas around 1902 by using some movements mainly from Kosokun in terms of physics with some additions of his own study. There are five Heian and among these Heian Nidan and Sandan are comparatively easier to learn, therefore, it is just recommended that you begin to practice with Nidan and Sandan and then improve to Shodan, Yondan and Godan.