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Matsumora ha Rohai (鷺牌) Kata

Matsumora ha Rohai «Vision of a Heron» «Kosaku Matsumora version»
The name translates approximately to “vision of a Crane” or “vision of a Heron”. This kata was originated from the Tomari-te school of Okinawan martial arts. It was called Matsumora Ha Rohai after Kosaku Matsumora who was presumably its inventor. Anko Itosu later took this kata and developed three katas from this kata: Rohai Shodan, Rohai Nidan, and Rohai Sandan.
It is a short kata but is very elegant looking. One of the characteristic features in this kata is Sagi Ashi Dachi and it is required to be done in well balanced posture, also there are characteristics such as Kagi zuki after the Maki Komi and throwing tricks.

The number of movements are thirty-three, and the time required is about one minute. This kata is practiced and learned around first kyu (brown belt) level.

Rohai - Sensei Tanzadeh Shitoryu Karate 8th Dan, Kyoshi