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Tomari Chinto (泊鎮東) Kata

Tomari Chinto kata is a very traditional Japanese/Okinawan style kata from Tomari-te. Unlike the more commonly seen Chinto kata of of Master Itosu, which is performed in a straight line to the front and rear, Tomari Chinto is performed along a different line of movement (embusen), which is forty-five degrees to the front left and one hundred thirty five degrees to the right rear from the starting or Yoi position “(Also called “Naname Chinto”; ‘Chinto which performs in Diagonal Embusen’”.

Tomari Chinto is “characterized by dynamic movements using kicking techniques including the flying kick and unitary techniques of offense and defense.” In addition, this kata includes numerous body rotations to change directions, many unique defenses and counter-attacks to different targets, levels and directions, open hand techniques, and several defensive distraction techniques with the hands.