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Yakusoku Kumite of Heian Sandan – Hokei Kumite Sanbonme

Hokei Kumite ”Yakusoku Kumite of Heian Katas”
Master Mabuni was a pioneer and his thinking, years ahead of his contemporaries. His systemization of Karate was well planned and well executed and designed to make it available to general public were preserving its unique value as a martial art. This form of exercise, free sparing, was used by many of the most prominent masters of Karate.
Master Mabuni experimented it with protective equipments, during the 1930s, hoping that it would allow self-simulative combat. However powerfully applied techniques still could cause concussions through the thickest protections and broken feet and hands were common. Also, because protective equipments limited natural movements and therefore inhibited techniques, he quickly reverted to per-arranged sparring to prevent injuries.
Yakusoku Kumite as a tool of spontaneous and natural practicing in a prearranged sequences (Heian Katas) of attacks and defenses meant to develop a proper reaction to quickly changing circumstances. The repetitive training in the per-arranged set up conditions of kumite ( timing, distance, anticipating of opponent’s attack ) will build up the reacting skills needed in sparring and a fighting spirit.
Many movements and combinations of movements in Shitoryu Karate ‘Uke no Go Gensoku’ or principles of blocking are expressed in Hokei Kumite or Yakusoku Kumite of Heian Katas.

Tanzadeh Shitokai - Hokei-Kumite-Sanbonme