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4 principles of Budo 武道の4つの原則

Budo no 4 gensoku

From the Shitoryu Karatedo philosophies by Ryuso Kenwa Mabuni.
4 Elements of Martial Arts

1- Ichi Gan:
Vision or eye contact (eyes), footwork (legs), mind (spirit), and strength (muscles) are the four essential elements of martial arts.

The term “vision” refers to your eyes being alert and focused on your opponent.

It means that you must first observe your opponent’s movements. When you see your adversary outside, you must immediately comprehend the situation, including the area, characteristics, and environmental conditions. It’s important to put yourself in an advantageous spot. When you’re facing your opponent, what should you be looking at? The first thing you must do is observe your opponent’s mental movement by gazing into his or her eyes. However, focusing solely on your opponent’s eyes can cause you to miss other movements.

Begin by looking into your opponent’s eyes. However, it is important that you continue to see the whole scenario in order to see all of your opponent’s movements. Look straight ahead at eye level when doing the Kihon (basics and fundamentals) and Kata. Except a few special cases, do not look down. Never look down because you will lose your sight and the balance of your body.

2- Ni Soku:
The word “footwork” applies to how you move your legs. You have to move them fast and smoothly for both offence and defense.  At the same time, you must maintain good body balance. It’s essential to keep your body’s core stable. You need to maintain your footwork fast by not staying on the ground too long and by not detaching yourself from it too long.

3- San Tan:
The term “mind” refers to your mental capacity. It is your spirits that can help you cope with any situation confidently and without being disturbed.

4- Shi Riki:
The word “power” refers to the amount of power you obtain. It comprises the strength of your muscles, as well as stamina and rapid reactions. All of them are critical components for you, and you must reinforce them in yourself through daily practice. Beginners tend to waist power in using it in vain. At some occasions, such tends to go against Waza. Beginners should learn how to use the power in first place.