Official Webpage of A.Tanzadeh, 8th Dan, Kyoshi 糸東会

Shitoryu Karatedo

Shitō-ryū is a combination of 4 main karate systems (Shurite, Nahate, Tomarite and Hakkaku Ken “Crane Fist”), which attempts to unite the diverse roots of karate. On one hand, Shitō-ryū has the physical strength and long powerful stances of Shuri-te derived styles, such as Shorin-ryū, on the other hand Shitō-ryū has circular and eight-directional movements, breathing power, hard and soft characteristics of Naha-te and Tomari-te (泊手) styles, such as Gōjū-ryū (剛柔流) Also has the major and popular techniques of Crane Fist such as Nipaipo, Papuren, Haffa and in its official syllabuses. Shitō-ryū is extremely fast (Speed=D/T), but still can be artistic and powerful. In addition, Shitō-ryū formalizes and emphasizes the five rules of defense, developed by Kenwa Mabuni, and known as Uke no go gensoku (受けの五原則), Uke no go genri (受けの五原理) or Uke no go ho (受けの五法).